Friday, May 02, 2008

Yellow Spring

Our garden is going through a "yellow phase" just now. I can't think of a colour that's more cheery, and we need it with the cold spring we've been enduring! Here are a few of our yellow specimens...
Lovely violas,
oodles of daff's (you can see the red stage about ready to pop)
forsythia bushes just loaded this year
and he's not yellow, but isn't he a jolly good looking rooster?

that's Edgar (part Raven, part Ameracauna ;o)

Happy Happy Spring!


Heather said...

It really did feel so Spring today, didn't it? We went through a purple stage (hyacinths & violets) and now we are having a bit of a yellow stage too (tulips & forsythia). Yellow is good, reminds me of sunshine. ;-)

Dragonflydownunder said...

Love seeing your blooming garden!!