Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lambs Quarter

One thing we always look forward to this time of year is the lambs quarter being just at the right size for harvesting. We eat it straight out of the garden along with a pea leaf or a bit of fresh dill struggling to grow against the picking fingers... Lambs quarter was a staple in my grannie's kitchen, but most people just think of it as a weed now. It's ready before spinach and tastes very similar. It's like any weed at our place, though, we have too much of it. We eat as much as we can of it while it's small and tender, and then try to get as much of it pulled and onto the compost heap, but we seem to have more each year.
Annika picked a big basket of it last night and I put some in the salad, some in the stir fry and used some in my omelette this morning. Our hens are laying really well just now too, so we're flush with eggs, and a dutch family has just started selling their homemade gouda cheese that they make from their beloved grass-fed cows that they milk every morning. I had a tomato and some mushrooms from a local greenhouse that I chopped up and fried up with some chives and bits of thyme straight from the garden. Lastly I poured a bit of my salmon oil on it (not so local, but delicious for my developing baby's brain just now). SO YUM I ate half before Annika suggested taking a photo! Best omelette ever!

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Dragonflydownunder said...

Goodonya for using the weeds in your dinner and breakfast! My mom used to pick it and use it too! Don't your alpacas like it? or are they not grazing at your place just now?