Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One lovely spring day...

Come for a lovely walk with us through our gardens...

our crabapple tree has never had more blooms on it
fiddlehead ferns (new this year from generous friend) how did we ever live without thee?
little gnomes in the secret garden
little fairies in disguise, hanging like bats to fool us
a primrose from my Grannie's collection, a favourite
red tulips, wet with dew, how sensuous thou art!
tree hugging, a favourite sport
eonymous (?), another new favourite this year, brilliant lemon yellow...
lilacs, all our very most favourite
an upside down wheelbarrow gathering flower petals to adorn itself
grape hyacinths forever remind me of my mum
and lilacs remind me of my dad and my aunt
a rescued (and pronounced dead) rhododenron actually bloomed this year!
and our lovely apple tree which grows with its arms around the treehouse...


Heather said...

Lovely, lovely pictures.

Everything looks so beautiful. Are those second lilacs deep pink? When we first moved here we used to have bleeding hearts like yours and now they are all solid white. Isn't that weird? It seems as though they have all turned white.

That yellow one is a kind of Euphorbia (at least that is what I call it) ;-)

I especially love that last picture of A and P peeking out. What a treasure.

Dragonflydownunder said...

Love the little gnome and fairy in the spring flowers!! Just beautiful!

Caroline said...

Beautiful pictures Mary-Sue!