Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sunday, August 03, 2008


My life overflows with joy and love and happiness...
H is a sweet, happy, content, healthy baby. It's already hard to imagine our family without her! It was absolute love at first sight and I can hardly take my eyes off her.

A and P are delighted with the birth and their wee sister and seem so balanced and absolutely in love with her and each other and everything in their world. This is a pretty magical, potent time in our lives! It's total bliss having daddy home these sweet sweet days! And while it's a bit of a challenge to have any time bonding together, we're trying to make sure he gets lots of time holding and bonding with his newest daughter too. He adores her!!
The weather couldn't be more ideal just now, the flowers are all in bloom and the tomatoes are ripening! Life doesn't get any better than this...
p.s. The birth was absolutely amazing and I've promised several people I'd post about it and I will... As time permits... Until then, here's a lovely glimpse.