Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

It's the little things that have me bursting with joy at this whole motherhood thing...
Cuddling in bed for an hour together every morning telling our dreams and planning our day,
The handmade cards and pictures and fistfuls of dandelions brought to me with glowing faces,
The way they run into my arms full of joy when we've been separated for less than an hour,
The sparkle in their eye and the joy in their voices when they're excited about something,
The sound of their contagious giggles,
The feel of their soft skin,
The way they reach up and take my hand in theirs,
The way they still crumple into my arms without thought or invitation for no reason at all,
The way they inspect my rough gardener's hands, tracing the outline of my fingers with theirs,
Our long laughter-filled candlelit baths together,
The smell of their sweat and the taste of their tears,
That my kisses and cuddles still cure cuts and bruises and hard falls,
That tears spring to my eyes from the bursting of my heart from so much love and joy at the priviledge of motherhood...

And I can still feel my own mother's hands in mine. They were rough and old looking, just like mine. I can still hear her contagious laughter, see the tears in her eyes from her bursting with love and joy for me...

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Caroline said...

Happy Mother's Day Mary-Sue! You are right, it is the little things that mean most. For me it was sharing tiger ice cream with my children and husband today. Oh and I was also surprised with a beautiful tomato plant!