Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Perfect End to a Perfect Day

One of my favourite memories growing up is having tea, fresh bread and homemade butter for supper on the days when mum made bread (every week). My own kids don't get the homemade butter, but they do get homemade mayonnaise, fresh local gouda cheese, freshly made raspberry jam (from frozen berries) and fresh-picked asparagus. And of course, cinnamon buns for dessert. What's not to love?!

I can't get enough of lilacs this time of year... This photo's for you, Marti!


Heather said...

Now everyone reading wants to come to your house for tea.

Dragonflydownunder said...

sniiiff....mmmmmmm....love the lilacs! I did get to smell one in England this spring...heavenly! Thank you. Id love tea too!