Monday, November 21, 2005

shake your booty baby

heavy stuff
i need more Marvin Gaye in my life!
betcha can't listen to "Got to Give It Up (pt. 1)" without shaking your booty like it's 1984! hee hee
p.s. Is there a Pt. 10 to this? and everything in between? if there is, i need to get my dancing fingers on them...
p.p.s. Then stick on Nikka Costa's "Everybody Got Their Something" and REALLY get your booty waggin'!!


Anonymous said...

zara and i wagged our booties tonight to some harry conick! felt great! love your posts. tonight i'm pulling out my "foster parents plan" sign up info that i've been looking at for months and finally "adopting" a child. thanks for the inspiration. it feels like so little but it's a start.

Anonymous said...

bless you. you are a goddess amoung many and it's mothers like you who will change this world. i love you and feel lucky to have you in my life

SRJ said...

wow! go j! thats inspiring!xo