Thursday, November 03, 2005

Real world?

My mind is all awhirl today. Experiences of walking in the crisp Autumn air picking and eating apples off the trees mixed with visions of the coke-snorting, weed-smoking, party-til-you-puke real world out there beyond the gates of my small-town life. I love my life more than I could ever put into words. And I also hate the thought that that is really the reality for most people out there??? My mind spins when I think that they think I am missing out because I live such a slow life? I'm all for the slow food movement that's growing momentum world-wide. And now I realize that my whole life is akin to such a movement. So why can't I wrap my head around the idea that this could be considered a waste of opportunity to pack in more more MORE? Perhaps because I judge that to be a waste. So in judging I put myself in the path of judgment? But I truly don't know how to unplug and disconnect and let that be okay. And what's more, I feel no desire to. I guess that makes me the hypocrite. And I guess for now I'm okay with that.

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