Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I'm ready!

I realized today (when my good friend said she searched and FOUND my blog --> i secretly thought this was impossible) that I am ready for people to read and comment about my musings. I'm ready for insight and feedback and I promise that I will NOT censor myself, knowing that you are reading what I write. I can't at present imagine that happening -- this is a life lived out loud and the whole point will be lost if I begin to censor... REAL integrity, to me, means living 100% real, authentic, honest & open, 100% of the time. It's only my goal, mind you, and thus the disclaimer*.

* If someone begins reading my blog that I'm NOT comfortable with, I reserve the right to ask them not to.


SRJ said...

hehehe funny!x

SRJ said...

it makes it more of challenge to know that there are people reading my blog who i feel a bit uncomfortable with. where is the integrity in hiding myself from some and not others? wheres the power in that?...on the other hand it's still funny!x

Pearl said...

Me too. It can be an odd feeling when someone says, oh I read you every day. (But they never comment). So how am I being taken? It's like you think there are only 4 of you in the room then find a couple other have been sitting in the corner quietly. Ah well, we do this for "me" ultimately. Like you living out loud principle.