Tuesday, January 30, 2007

WHAT a concept!

I have never read a book that affected my complete being as much as The Continuum Concept. Besides having intense regrets over not having known about this book before my children were born, the emotions run far deeper. All my impossible-to-understand, impossible-to-fulfill yearnings for support and fulfillment suddenly make sense to me. I feel like I've been searching my whole life for this one concept. Even my husband makes more sense to me -- his insecurities, his "stories", everything. This book was first published in 1975. I truly don't know why it is not required reading for every pregnant woman in the developed world. Our so-called "progress" comes with a distinct disadvantage in being mothers. Our continuum has been disrupted and many of us, hell, MOST of us don't trust our intuition enough to keep the continuum intact in our own children.
I find that this book is affecting every aspect of my life and I yearn for open-hearted people to discuss this with. I've asked several of my friends to read it, and I'm hoping for some brainstorming on how to mend the continuum in our children who are still young enough that this is possible. Hopeful.
Have you read it? How did it affect your life? Please share.


Andrea said...

I'm half way through... enjoying it. Looking forward to discussing it with you!

Lisas healthy solutions said...

i have not read this book but did read about the concept.
i am now a grandmother and find that it feels very normal for me to follow those principles and advise my daughte along those lines.
i dont recall having the same feelings as a parent and i was more arrogant in my beliefs that the children would behave the way i wanted and learn from a very early age.
having said that though i didnt like them to cry but never knew often what was wrong..
it would be fantastic to be able to go back and repair the damage we have done but everyone is shaped by these experiences.
i hope you will read my blog and post some comments.