Tuesday, January 02, 2007


oh my goodness! after trying everything we could think of for weeks now, i clicked on the blogger 'B' on dragonfly downunder and I'm suddenly logged in! i've been piiiiiining to blog, and now that i'm in, what do i say? he he
Well, first off, Happy Solstice! Merry Christmas! And a very Happy New Year! We've been so busy and have had the best festive season EVER. We have just been in tune with each other and having lots of laughs and really sweet moments. It's truly been the best. We spent a week away, which was lovely to see my siblings et al, but it made us all realize that from now on we want to spend Christmas at home. We missed celebrating the longest night of the year on the 21st and even the return of the light on the 22nd... We all felt sad about this. We missed our dog, our chickens (one died while we were away, so sad!), our cat, caroling, cookie parties, baking, our advent calendar, our beds, sledding, skiing, our favourite festive foods, but most of all just being snuggled into the comfort of own little home on this favourite time of the year. So? An instructive christmas it was for us, too.
These are a few of our favourite moments from the holidays:
say "aaah!"
a favourite gift -- a teeny tiny music box from Oma

she adores the apron I made her and has made several of the recipes from the cookbook. yum!

singing and playing her new "guitar".
Note the new favourite hats made by our favourite crocheter (she does custom orders) from our own alpaca wool!
dolly love!
SUCH fun riding and singing on the two-horse-open-wagon
my handsome brother and gorgeous son (who loved each other)
the reason for the season...

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Dragonflydownunder said...

I love all the pictures, thank you so much. Cute to see Pedar in the pj's and fun to see the kids interacting with each other. X