Monday, February 11, 2008

Learning to Let Go...

So, as I sit on the couch hour after hour, day after day, with my left leg propped up towards the sky, I am forced for the first time in my life to LET GO of control in my household and LET OTHERS HELP ME! I can't even get my own glass of water for goodness sake! The first day I had trouble getting to the toilet!!!
Last week I'd been pondering self-nurture techniques and why I have so few in place. I was journaling, brainstorming, processing ways to improve this part of my life...
and then WHAM!!!
a lot of powder + a distracted mama on skis = spinal anesthetic + metal plate and 4 screws
But what it REALLY EQUALS is this mama getting plenty of self-nuture time and nobody even bothering to ASK if she needs more help -- just GIVING IT!!! whodathunkit possible?!
The best part? eating other people's cooking :o)
The worst part? trying to manage pain without any meds that would hurt babe#3 :o(
5 weeks in a cast. Think I'll hang onto the important lessons after it's all over?
One can hope. One can hope.


Nicola said...

Aha, I wondered how you broke your ankle. Hope it heals fast (well, not too fast, you want to really enjoy the nurturing)!

Dragonflydownunder said...

I am so glad others have risen to the occasion and help a mum in need!! wish I was closer...yes...enjoy the nurturing and make it a habit! XO

Andrea said...

You will.

Leah said...

ooooh, so sorry to hear of your accident! hope you're doing ok.