Thursday, February 15, 2007

Follow Your Bliss... (the true Secret)

Most of my mentors are women. But there are men that I greatly admire too. Like Ghandi. And this man... He was my first inroad to the road less taken to the inner sanctums of myself. Have a listen. He's more than brilliant.
What is your bliss?


Anonymous said...

interesting, but it doesn't massively inspire me. He occurs to me like a bit of a "laffing wolf" - out there. ~Am i missing something? I listened to it twice. hmmm, my bliss - I feel like I'm on track studying Literature and Art, that I will be making a difference in the world in teaching young people. As for the helping hands - I OFTEN physically feel angels helping me.

What I find exciting is that I was talking to a friend last night and he & his family have a 500 year plan, that never becomes anything smaller than 500 years. So, they are always thinking about the impact of their actions in 500 years, their childrens childrens childrens... This is certainly thinking beyound ourselves!

"We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children"


Heather said...

Hi Mary-Sue

I was just reading your sidebar and started laughing about the bit," But you seem so normal", I am at the point now where I joke to family and friends that I would actually be a little insulted if people considered me "normal". Not to say that I don't think that caring about Earth and our health, etc should not be normal, I just don't find it to be so. And so I would actually prefer then to be considered "odd" because that means I must be living life in a way that is very different from the North American "norm" and that makes me very happy indeed. KWIM? Sooo, I think you should be very proud when a new acquaintance thinks you're not normal - it's a very good sign. ;-)

Andrea said...

I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing! What a great reminder!

Mary-Sue said...

Holly, Have you watched "The Secret"? There is so much hype around it, and it does have an excellent message, but it makes me laugh because the message has been all around us forEVER. but now it's in the form of a movie and so is getting through to SO many more people, which is fantastic. Joseph Campbell wrote a lot of absolutely BRILLIANT books and has a lot of interviews on video. I watched "The Power of Myth" back when I was about 18 and it totally opened my mind. There's another one about the power of the Goddess, and all about Goddess in worship and culture going back thousands of years that is stunning as well. He's had such an impact on my spiritual life that I guess listening to an 8 minute interview just brings back that power to me and I find him incredibly inspiring. I would definitely recommend seeking out some of his videos, especially the goddess one. I'll look into it for you.

Mary-Sue said...

p.s. Holly, I LOVE the 500 year plan. That's basically 7 generations, hey? We have a company over here whose entire philosophy centers around a 7 generation plan (and that's the name of the company), and they really do practice what they preach. Very inspiring.
And that quote is one of my favourites. I have a poster up in my house with that on it. Thx!

Mary-Sue said...

Heather, thanks for your comment. You bring up so many good points. I'm going to answer/share my views in the form of a new post (coming soon). Thank you for sharing your views. I love your blog and find it very inspiring as well.

Shauna said...


thank you for posting this. I've listened to and read Joseph Campbell for years, and I am always moved. Watching the video, I had tears running down my cheeks, immediately. It's not — I think — that is so brilliant (although he is). It's just that his words are a touchstone, a way of re-enflaming what is already within us. Thank you. (I may just have to post this on my site, somehow.)