Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I'm told it's not very evolved to be toooo into New Year's resolutions, but I AM. I love new starts and always do a lot of thinking and journaling and celebrating and dreaming at this time of year and again when my birthday comes (in March) when I get to do a quick re-start if I so choose.
This year I am feeling SO motivated to truly live an inspired life. My mind is chock-full of ideas and visions, my heart is plum-full of joy and hope.
ONE of my many ideas is to resolve to COMPLETE one room in our house every month. We've lived here nearly 2 years now and there isn't a single room that is done from head to toe. January, I think, will be the love bedroom. Or at least it will be transformed from a place to drop from exhaustion to a place to nestle as a loving couple AND as a loving family. I want it to be SO inviting that we can hardly keep ourselves out of there! And yes, I want the children to feel that way too. Back before Annika was born, Brent made (yes, ALL by himself!) us a family bed. King-size in every way. The top of the bed is at my waist, the top of the headboard towers above. It FEELS like a nest high in a tree. And it is bliss. Now to transform the rest of the room to feel like that -- a safe haven away from everything troublesome.
Choosing OUR room as #1 for the year is a symbol of a deeper resolution in itself. While my lover and I were writing out our resolutions, he leaned over and said "Why do I KNOW that everything you're writing is focusing on everyone ELSE in our family while everything I'm writing is mostly about me?" And of course he was right. So, my theme for the year? MAKE MYSELF HAPPY! That seems so strange for me. So foreign. So completely impossible. To put my happiness above everyone else's. But that's my theme. That's my goal. I'm reaching for the moon. SO! By putting MY most private space, my marriage's most private space as numero uno, I'm thumping in the pegs of my theme right from the get-go.
SO? What's your theme for this year?
And any ideas for the love room?

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cherry said...

i see a comfy armchair in the corner by the window of your love room. a place to curl, to have a conversation with someone on the bed, to gather your thoughts but not fall asleep.
my theme is love for the new year!
xx love C