Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Supper fixin's

We're eating almost soley from the garden now. We picked and ate the last of the strawberries today as well as the last (likely) of the peas and the strawberry spinach. The first beans are coming on and we're eating our beets, kale, garlic, radishes, celery, kohlrabi, cucumbers and loads of raspberries. The salad greens are fading and getting bitter except for the Drunken Woman lettuce -- must plant more of that again soon. We're eating about 3 cups of basil every day in the form of pesto (YUM!) -- pesto pasta, pesto on toast, pesto by the fork-full, pesto in sandwiches... I did manage to freeze a few blocks of it today for those yummy soups in the winter... I haven't had much luck with sweetpeas since we moved here, so this year I planted loads of seeds in 3 different locations. WELL! We have several enormous bouquets ready to pick every single day! What a blessing a garden is! How do people live without one?!

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