Monday, April 21, 2008

Pedar's Birthday

Time to do a bit of catch-up.
Pedar's birthday was one of the sweetest weekends all year! He was absolutely delighted with every moment and I wanted to get some photos of the events here because both kids love looking at photos of themselves and their special events on my blog!

Each year on Pedar's birthday we take the city bus downtown to the candy store. It's the only day of the year the kids go to this sweet shoppe, and it's quite an event! This year they chose swirly pops, yum yum!

We had a special lunch downtown and stopped at Surplus Herby's where daddy bought Pedar a fishing rod. One of the first things Pedar said on his birthday was "Daddy! You forgot to buy me a big boy fishing rod!" Beware the promises you make a wee boy in the heat of the previous summer!

The only other thing Pedar had asked for was a "rocket." He and his sister had hours of fun with his new "stomp" rocket. They can really make it fly!

The next day we invited Pedar's in-town cousins
over for an egg hunt to celebrate Spring and Eostar.
It's one of our funnest days every year. Annika was one of the bunny helpers this year and she found some beautiful spots to hide the eggs!

Pedar loved his rocket-cake (made from using 2 coffee tins as cake pans) and his favourite gift of all was these new "work pants" just like daddy's, from his Gma and Gpa. Too cute!

Then his big sister taught him how to ride a pedal-bike. It took one try and he was off. He's hardly been off his bike since... Learning to balance on his like-a-bike made all the difference.

Happy Birthday big 4 year old! I sure do love you!


Heather said...

Oh, I love that picture of P in his Carhartts. (are they Carhartts? What a great gift, those will last for ages)

Mary-Sue said...

Yes they ARE Carhartts. Aren't they great? I was wondering why I hadn't thought of it sooner! I guess I didn't know they made them in small sizes! He LOVES them.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that photo is precious! Love all the photos. Thanks for sharing!

Dragonflydownunder said...

I've loved seeing Pedars birthday...he is looking SO grown up! such a fun time.