Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Boycotting Bad Behaviour

There is so much talk in the news just now of China's horrendous human rights records, of Tibet's desperate attempt for self-rule, and ultimately the conversations point at a call for boycotting the olympics.

I think that if we want to get a message across to China that we want them to consider doing things differently, we need to be willing to take some responsibility OURSELVES. Why ask athletes to give up their jobs so that we can send a message? Why not send the message ourselves? It's a huge challenge, but how about we ALL STOP BUYING ANYTHING MADE IN CHINA. It means giving up things that we think we need. It means paying more for nearly everything. But for me it means peace of mind and a sense of contribution.

Today I'm giving away my wedding-present-Sunbeam-made-in-China kettle (which is plastic and who loves the idea of drinking water that's been boiled in plastic anyway? yech!) in favour of my mum's old stainless steel made-in-the-USA-stovetop-kettle. It's been down at the trailer and irretrievable until now that the road has dried up, and I'm thrilled to have it back in its rightful place!

p.s. if you need motivation to stop buying m-i-C, watch "Manufactured Landscapes", likely available at your local library or "Mardi Gras, Made In China" or many other equally compelling documentaries about the horrors WE are causing in China by buying the cheap, crappy, polluting stuff they make only for us and would never consider using themselves.

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