Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Oh yes! Indeed, I am back and in fact have been for weeks. Autumn has truly landed here, even if it isn't official for 5 more days. To me, Fall means introducing a timer into our days. Like many of you, in summer, we truly sometimes are outside nonstop for days (camping at the beach), and certainly are USUALLY outside from sun-up until sun-down. We eat outside, play outside, work outside, and this little computer box gets seriously neglected. Weather changes all that: winds (that's what's happening right now that's brought me indoors), the dipping temperatures, the rains (oh we so need some moisture right now!). Late summer demands indoor time to squirrel away our garden bounty for winter, but that's not work that tolerates more than a peek or two at the computer screen. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I'll be posting a lot more regularly now.
In the meantime, race over to the blog of four very inspirational women and enter their contests (you have to scroll down, there are four posts, four prizes, four comments you need to leave to enter) and mention you got there from here and if I win I'll share the fun, okay? Go! It's a fabulous blog. I get so many food, book, sewing, knitting, philosophy inspirations from these ladies!


Anonymous said...

i'm glad you are back. yaaay! i've missed you and will be checking you more to read about you and your life. x cherry

Katherine said...

I'm also glad you're back and looking forward very much to seeing you in person... tomorrow! Yay!

Thanks so much for your kind words, Mary-Sue. We do have fun on our blog and want lots of entries into our giveaways, so thanks for directing more friends to visit us.

I'm happy knowing that you'll be posting more often now that the seasons have changed as your words shared here in blogland are always heartfelt and inspiring.

Nicola said...

Mary-Sue - you WON Heather's contest. I'm sure you'll be in touch with her soon to claim your goodies!

Mary-Sue said...

signing in