Thursday, March 08, 2007

Happy International Women's Day!

I'm feeling so uninspired to post, but must break the spell somehow, so will just say how very very fortunate I feel as a woman to have been born in Canada... And how hopeful I am that things will be even better for my daughter and her daughter and her daughter... And how desperately much I want things to be better for my sisters in countries where it's so hard to be born a woman... I am loving this website...

On a much lighter note... here is my little knight in shining armour. Our house has been under the plague (feels like, anyway) since March hit (which is my favourite month of the year, if I HAD to pick)... I've been up every night most of the night since the 1st, so am really dragging and feeling like I could fall asleep standing up... But that hasn't stopped me from raking the lawn, emptying about 500 gallons of rainwater from the tanks, and talking to the crocus and tulips that are popping through... LOVE the sunshine! Where has it been this winter?!?! I've really felt it... and am REALLY ready for spring and warm weather and HEALTHy kids!
p.s. does anyone have a good whole wheat bread recipe that i can try with my whole grain spelt flour? and is there any way to upload a powerpoint show to my blog? i just love the "sisters" one and want it to be on here. anyone know how?


Dragonflydownunder said...

IS that your hippiastrum amaryllis?? Its so beautiful ~ red is so cheery! Hope your little knight fights off all the germ dragons!!
sorry, can't help you with the questions!

Mary-Sue said...

isn't the amaryllis a beauty? yes, it's the one i gave my mil for solstice and it just went on and ON so when they left on holidays she gave it to me and it performed for us for weeks and then gave us SEEDS! i'm so excited to have amaryllis seeds. never had one do that before. takes a dreadful long time to mature into flowering plants, but i'm game.
the little knight is bravely fighting off his germs. kids are getting healthy and it's time to sow lettuce and pea and carrot seeds OUTSIDE! YAAAAAAY!

Heather said...

Hi Mary-Sue

Hope your family is all feeling better now, and am glad to see you are back posting. I am also looking forward to time to sow, I have to wait a bit still, but will soon be out there with my lettuce and pea seeds too. Have you ever grown peas to eat the actual plant when they are still small-ish? They are delicious.
It is so funny to read about someone else who gets excited about seeds.