Monday, March 12, 2007


Edit: Here you go. Annika took this one of P laughing at "mummy's funny hair". It's amazing how kids begin to relate to WHO you are as HOW you look. The familiar. A good enough reason to have lots of changes, in my mind! Just so they know that what I look like has very little to do with who I really am...

"mummy, you look funny."
i do? why? don't you like my haircut?
"no. i don't like it."
"i don't like it either. it looks yucky."
"yeah. and awful, too."

well! thanks! i'm glad you feel strongly about it.
"did you need us to like it?"
no. i didn't get it cut so you and Rane would like it. i wanted a change. and that's what i got. i like it and that's all that really matters to me...

this is after Pedar walked into the room, took one look at me getting it cut and burst into tears, hid behind the chair and wouldn't come to me.

yeah. so i got my haircut. i look different. i FEEL different. it's all good. heh heh heh


SRJ said...


Dragonflydownunder said...

ya. lets SEE it!!

new rhodes said...

YAY! Funny, I JUST took a pic of my new haircut to post and there is a prob with blogger server. Can't wait to see yours too! Big change haircuts feel SO good! wooo hoooo! xx

Andrea said...

I've seen it and I LOVE it! It is SOOOO cute!

Dragonflydownunder said...

A change is as good as a holiday!! looks cute. not unlike Sally's new cut!
I see Pedar looking like a Koala!

SRJ said...

yay! i love it, similar choppy fringe as mine.
funny photo of pedar. lachie and i had a good chuckle over it! teehee

Mary-Sue said...

i looked at your photos on your blog of your new haircut, Sal, and no, mine isn't very similar to yours. i wish it was! i would LOVE to have more wispy hair. i have SOOOO much hair. all the styles i ever want i can't have because i just have but yeah, i do have a choppy fringe. when she said "bangs?" i said NO! i don't do bangs. but then opened my mind to possibilities, and i quite like them. although i have SO much hair behind them that ... well, i need more MUD in my hair, i guess.
your hair reminds me of Amelie, Sal. love it!

Nicola said...

Having seen "the haircut" in person last Monday, I can confirm that you look great. About 6 months ago, I went from having longer hair to really short, and my kids had the same reaction - they hated it. They're used to it now!

molly said...

oh kids rarely react positively to any of my haircuts. But I think it looks great!!