Friday, April 09, 2010

Big Brown Dog turns 13

Kenai's 13th birthday -- cupcakes and sushi at the beach.
Kal beach = no dogs allowed
but we take Kenai there every year for her big day... It was fun despite Kenai pooping and Heidi falling off the bench and cupcakes falling into the sand and Heidi pooping (into the same bag used to pick up Kenai's poo) and Heidi following Kenai into the water and getting soaked up to her waist... SUCH FUN! he he he Who ever said this mothering gig wouldAlign Center be easy?!?! I hope the kids remember the cupcakes part, the laughing at the poop part and not the "why wasn't anyone watching Heidi" yelling part...


Heather said...

Of course they will remember the good parts!! And, they'll remember that it was YOU, their amazing mama, who made it all happen - goodies for all; wonderful, magical celebrations; beautiful,delicious homegrown food; handmade gifts; the joy of learning at home...all that and birthday parties for animals as well. Phew!

Jacqueline said...

what an adventure! and all part of this amazing, crazy journey called mothering!