Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Anyone want to order with me?

I have a bag similar to this that I use every time I buy something and I've been looking for more of them. I have plenty of other bags that I've made from t-shirts or have been given by talented sewers, but this little one that sits so small and unobtrusive in my bag is my favourite. Sometimes it's the only one I remember to take with me and I've had to dump it out in my car so I could use it again! I'm going to order a couple more. Anyone want to join orders with me? Looks like they're about $12 with shipping. I've had mine a few years, it's been used hundreds of times, I've thrown it in the laundry many times and it still works like a charm. Let me know if you want to order with me.


Anonymous said...

Yes please! I would love a purple one and a mint one! Thanks!

karen said...

I'd like one purple and one vermillion one please.