Friday, June 01, 2007

Summertime pictorial update of Barker Road

Many requests for photos of what it looks like in our yard just now... So here you go:
Here's one of our rainbarrels, an old oak wine barrel that mosquitoes can't seem to hatch in!
We find them all floating on top.
This is the children's "secret garden" area, shaded by the big maple. This is where they build fairy houses, put food out for the fairies and have secret tea-parties. You can't see, but there's just a small entrance into a very private little area. Lily of the Valley and muscari in the centre, but those are over now. Lovely.

This is what some of our lawn looks like right now. Filled with buttercups. Earlier in the spring it was pink wood violets. I love not caring about real grass! But I do need to decrease the number of dandelions somehow. We just don't like our ankles being whipped by the stems.
And this is the new blueberry patch I just planted, below the children's tree house (built by my talented husband). Sure hope we get buckets of blueberries in a year or two!
And I included this to show my new water collection system at the kitchen sink. It's my grannie's old aluminum bowl she always made her bread in and having my grannie in my kitchen that way just makes my heart sing. The plants on the window ledge are avocado, succulent, pomegranate, lemon, date+basil. Wouldn't it be amazing if I could get any of those to grow via permaculture on the banks??? mmmm. I love to dream...


Anonymous said...

oooh i loove seing photos. LOve love the bowl that was your grannies. love it. do you just dump it then on your plants outside the door? what a good idea. mmm. you are a green thumb of inspiration aren't you now. love reading and seeing your life. x C

Mary-Sue said...

yes, i just collect all the water I use at the sink and dump it out the door. very satisfying!