Friday, April 20, 2007


Oh, PLEASE read THIS! My good friend shared this bit of brilliance and I truly want everyone to read it! Will you? It's SUPER long. I had to make a cup of tea and settle in for a good long while. But oh my, SO worth it. Let me know what you think. xo

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Heather said...

This post comes to me exactly when I needed to read it. I have been pondering so many of the things written about in it and wondering if we (our society) is ever really going to "get it". When I read something like this and know that there are other people on the same page as I, that I am not alone in this, it really gives me hope. I have been shown over and over how important it is to be a part of a like-minded community, how very important it is to have your thoughts and feelings and what you do validated in some way. Thank you for sharing it with us Mary-Sue, what a nice way to start my day. Now I am off to spend some time in my garden.