Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Expedition

Every year we venture down to the creek with hot choc in the backpack, pulling our lovely old European sled to collect branches from our cedar grove.

This is A&P "warming" their hands on A's pretend fire.

They each had to take their own backpack.
A's has her baby tagging along, of course.
And in P's? his bobcat.

This is our beloved, beautiful Penny.
She always accompanies us on expeditions abroad...

Annika pulling the bounty, Pedar eating snow... mmmmmmm

And the results of our labour.
All made from our own trees: hemlock, cedar, spruce, pine, fir, grape ivy.
We are so blessed.

Our door swag complete with a bit of whimsy (grinning reindeer balls. ahem! i mean bells! tee hee!).
It's snowing tonight. And inside the fires are burning warm...

I LOVE this time of year!!!

(We can't put boughs on the mantle as the fan blows up and they dry out in about 2 days creating a fire hazard... Tree is fine there though, doesn't get the heat blowing onto it. )


Sharon Harlton said...

Love all the pictures you are putting in your blog! Did you make the Santa hanging over the fireplace. It looks like it could be a quilt hanging. Life is good isn't it....hugs Sharon

Andrea said...

Ahh, so beautiful - what a lovely tradition and I love your decorations - especially that swag

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for allthe beautiful pictures, such fun memories for your kids. Your place looks SO beautiful.M

Mary-Sue said...

Hey Sharon! So fun to see you here!! Marti made that quilt hanging. Isn't it gorgeous? We ALL love it! xo

SRJ said...

your piccys are FUN! i wish i was there to play in all that snow. hopefully we'll get lots in france, but don't count on it...
love you