Wednesday, July 26, 2006

sooooooooooooo much to be thankful for...

the incredible bounty from our amazing gardens
my husband home safe and sound with a box full of fresh ocean fish for us to eat
new delicious books to devour
the sweet memories of precious friends' recent visit
clean, sparkling windows inside and out!
time at the beach with my 2 beauties
time alone to haunt the thrift stores
beautiful fresh eggs to collect every day from my prized chickens
one chicken brooding on her nest! exciting!
the support of the incredible tribe i've manifested into my life
new pillows to rest our weary heads on tonight...
and oh! so much more...


brent said...

a bountiful harvest. it looks great. i am tasting those delicious vegies as i look at them on the computer screen. wish we were there. thanks for everything, we had the best time. what more can i say? hugs to all your family and yourself.

cherry said...

oh! so MUCH... what a lovely life you live. fresh beauties and gorgeous food! missing your life in sweet paradise. xx C