Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Marjorie and me

I've committed to getting active on a daily basis. I committed to myself andI promised a lady named Marjorie, who has cancer in her legs and can't walk anymore. So far so good. I told myself I would walk every weekday -- put my kiddies in the jogger and away we go right after breakfast. But i didn't go yesterday because the bones in my legs were aching and I decided I needed to be free enough to do what's right for me in the NOW. I read this great article in the latest O magazine about a man who used to be world-famous for teaching goal-setting seminars and now he travels the globe preaching that we need to STOP setting goals and start living in the NOW! He talks about how many opportunities we miss out on when we're so focused on the (future) goals and how we're actually living in the past because that's when those goals were set in stone. SO! With my walking regime, I'm simply colouring in the block on the calendar when I go. Not keeping track of time or distance or route, like I normally would. Just going and breathing and pushing myself as appropriate for that day. And my calves are burning so I must be doing something right. Feels good. Feels like this could be the time that it actually sticks. WAHOOOO!

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cherry said...

love that you are a bloggin' so i can read YOU!
SO hear you on the goal setting. i have struggled with that, finding old lists of goals that just don't work or have transformed, changed, amalgamated. i am hearing my husband on his '5 year plan thing is crap'. it is. goals=gaols. haaa. think about THAT one.
you're onto it with just being in the NOW. love that! love YOU!